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    Renata Rippl

    I originally graduated with an MA in textile/fashion design at MOME Hungary. I have designed collections for different companies and theaters, but my favorite part of the creating process has always been to realize my ideas, especially to draw the fashion graphics.


    After the birth of my girls I realized that I’m still a child at heart... so I started to draw illustrations for children. I use several techniques, collage, acrylic, guache, pencil drawing, water-colour…


    In addition to illustrating books I also design toys, stationery and attire graphics for children.

    In 2015 two books of mine were published, of which I was not only the illustrator, but the writer of as well, in coproduction with Viktoria Bosnyak children’s author.

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    published books

    Heléne Montardre: A lónak nincs árnyéka (edited by Móra 2016)

    Susie Morgenstern: Szerelem első tüsszentésre (edited by Móra 2016)

    Panna Balázsy: Csakazértis (edited by Manó 2016)

    Panna Balázsy: Csillagfény (edited by Manó 2016)

    Viktória Bosnyák: A kacifánt nem elefánt (edited by Ciceró 2016)

    Noel Stretfield: Színpadi cipők (edited by Manó 2016)

    Noel Streatfield: Balettcipők ( edited by Manó 2015)

    Sokszínű mesék (book cover) (edited by Manó 2015)

    Both Gabi: Kakaókatona és Tejhercegnő (edited by Kolibri 2015)

    Panna Balázsy: Csupaszív ( edited by Manó 2015)

    Renata Rippl –Viktória Bosnyák: Nino repülni akar ( edited by Naphegy 2015)

    Renata Rippl: Piroska a hófehér nyuszi (edited by Kolibri 2015)

    Panna Balázsy: Csuromvíz ( edited by Manó 2015)

    Viktória Bosnyák: A szomorú kacagány ( edited by Csimota 2014)

    Viktória Bosnyák: Puszedli és Habcsók (edited by Kolibri 2012)

    Ilona Gróh: Elment a tyúk a vásárba… (edited by Kolibri 2012)

    Emese Tóth: Egy zsák mák (edited by Kossuth 2012)

    Elek Benedek: A csúnya királyfi….(edited by Csimota 2011)

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